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Hey You,
Im Sabrina

I'm a Photographer based in beautiful Maryland.

I am super laid back and chill and tend to make all my clients feel relaxed and at ease

 I really enjoy capturing special moments for all my amazing clients to enjoy for a lifetime.

On my days off you can find me eating a bunch of french fries as a meal because they are my absolute favorite thing in the world to eat. I am also a Sports photographer on the side so catch me at any Football or Basketball game. (@sportsbysab)

I'm such a dreamer, tend to get lost in my own little bubble, super creative, artsy, and Intuitive.

Im live for meeting new people and creating magic together!

Want to know a little more?

I think its Important for my clients to know who I am this little section will give you small little glimpse of my world.

I have been taking photos ever since I was young. I've always enjoyed being in front of a camera and being behind the lens. l I took photography all through high-school and loved every bit of it- when I graduated I pursued staying in the Arts.


I went to Montgomery college for a few years and it was okay but I was very lost on what I wanted to pursue. I had put down the camera after being in college and got lost in trying to juggle life after school, and what career path was right for me.


After realizing I needed a change I then transferred to Akron University located in Ohio in hopes to pursue my creativity again. I fell in love with taking all art courses while I was there, and it helped me narrow down what I was really interested in. Going to school out of state was pricey, so what did I do? you guessed it I came back home. 

I took some time off from school and used that time to focus on myself and what really fueled me and made me happy. I started picking my camera up again and photographing my boyfriends college football games, and thats where it all started back up again. It was like I kind of let a piece of me go and then I found it again! I got discouraged about what everyone had to say about choosing Photography as a career path that I didn't see the joy it actually brings me. So I decided to go full time the year of the pandemic and everything fell into place and I started Saremi Photography.


Photography has always been something that drives me, something that I was good at, and something I genuinely enjoyed. It is what brings the creativity of out me the most. I'm a  true Pisces! With that being said, I'm a very intuitive person and love capturing emotion. I love being able to show that through my work. I believe in whatever is mean't for you will always be for you. Photography was it for me. 

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