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Hey You,
Im Sabrina

Im an extremely outgoing human based who in beautiful Maryland.

I adore capturing amazing moments of families and couples.

On my days off you can find me eating a bunch of french fries as a meal because they are my absolute favorite thing in the world to eat.

I'm such a dreamer, adventurous, super creative, artsy, and Intuitive.

Im all for meeting new people and creating magic!

Want to know a little more?

I have been taking photos ever since I was young. I've always enjoyed being in front of a camera and being behind the lens. All through high school I took photography and loved it so much when I graduated I pursued staying in the Arts.


I went to Montgomery college for a few years and it was okay but I was very lost on what I wanted to pursue. I had put down the camera after being in college and got lost in trying to figure out what career path was right for me.


After realizing I needed a change I then transferred to Akron University located in Ohio in hopes to pursue my creativity again. I fell in love with taking all art courses while I was there and it helped me narrow down what I was really interested in. Going to school out of state was pricey, so what did I do? you guessed it I came back home. 

I took some time off from school and used that time to focus on myself and what really fueled me and made me happy. I started picking my camera up again and photographing my boyfriends college football games, and thats where it all started back up again. It was like I kind of let a piece of me go and then I found it again! I got discouraged about what everyone had to say about choosing Photography as a career path that I didn't see the joy it actually brings me.


Photography has always been my muse. It is what brings the creativity of out me the most. I'm a  true Pisces! With that being said, I'm a very intuitive person and love capturing emotion. I love being able to show that through my work. I am 24 years of age and decided to go full force in making photography my dream job! On my days off you can catch me cuddling up with my cat Lucy, drinking an iced chai latte, spending time with the ones I love most, and of course eating lots of food. I believe in whatever is mean't for you will always be for you. Photography was it for me. 


Meet my Furr Baby

This is Lucy

I absolutely adore her and she is the first pet I've ever had. Im definitely a cat mom.

I treat her like a little baby. She gives the best cuddles on rainy days.

She is only 4 years old, her nick name is muffy or moosh and I love the heck out of her.

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